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Research Activities of department leading to Ph. D.


Sr. No. Name of Student Supervised by Title Status
1 Ms. Monica Jain Dr. Y. A. Ali Microbiological and Biochemical study of Foliar deformation in Pongamia.pinnata (Linn) found inAkola. Awarded
2 Ms. Shubhangi More Dr. Y. A. Ali Incidence And Drug Resistance Pattern Of Uropathogens In Pregnant Women Awarded
3 Ms. Varsha Dethe Dr. Y. A. Ali Incidence and drug resistance pattern of Salmonella typhi and paratyphi found in Akola (M.S) Awarded
4 Ms. Anupama Banole Dr. V. D. Nanoty Studies on Antibiotic utilization, multidrug resistance & MIC of some selected drugs against bacterial pathogens isolated in hospital of Akola Awarded
5 Mr. Harish S. Malpani Dr. V. D. Nanoty Comparative studies of indoor & outdoor air quality of hospitals of Akola city with respect to pathogenic bacterial flora & its resistance pattern against second & third generation antibiotics Awarded
6 Mr. Umesh K. Bhalekar Dr. V. D. Nanoty Determination of cross contamination potential & antibiotic resistance of Pseudomonas species prevalent in hospitals of Akola city Awarded
7 Ms. Deepali R. Paraskar Dr. V. D. Nanoty Studies on effects of biofertilizer in some leguminous plants in saline belt of Akola district Ongoing
8 Ms. Preeti M. Sharma Dr. V. D. Nanoty Studies on effects of antibiotics, metal NP & NP conjugated antibiotics against bacterial skin diseases: A nanomedical approach for dermatological therapies Ongoing
9 Ms. Varsha B. Chede Dr. Y. A. Ali Investigation of antimicrobial properties of extracts of Cordia species against nosocomial pathogens Ongoing
10 Ms. Ashruta A. Gawali Dr. V. D. Nanoty Study on biosportion process for removal of heavy metals from industrial effluents of Akola city Submitted


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