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A.T.K.T. Concessions and Exemptions

A. T K. T. Concessions at the time of Admission : A T. K.T. concession shall be granted to the failures of B.Sc.
I, II examinations on getting exemptions in 1/3rd subjects prescribed for the examination. For the purpose of
calculating 1/3rd number of subjects, fraction, if any, shall be ignored. Exemption in a subject shall mean
exemption in each head of passing i.e. Theory & Practical wherever they form part of the examination & require separate passing, shall be treated as separate heads. Reference: Ordinance no. 10 S.G.B. Amravati University ordinance book.
University Rules Regarding Exemption : Exemption will be awarded in the subject/passing head at the
examination upto first Degree in the Faculties of Arts, Science, Social Science and Home science on securing minimum passing marks prescribed at the examination upto first Degree. The individual subject exemption will not be awarded on group basis.

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