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Enrolment and Identity Card

fgfAll the students who are appearing for the first time at the S.G.B. Amravati University Examination must fill
enrolment form and submit the same to the college along with all necessary certificates before the due date with
all necessary fees. A student will be fined RS.10/- if he / she does not fill his / her enrolment form before the due
date along with the necessary certificates. No student can appear for University examination unless he/she fills,
and submits the enrolment form. To avoid this he/she should fill the enrolment form within time.
Identity Card
A) Every bonafied student of the college should have the Identity Card. The Identity Card should be purchased
from the office immediately on admission. The student should fill in information for identity card in capital letters
in the proforma to be obtained from office. One Photograph should be attached to the information sheet.
B) Students must keep the Identity Card with them when
1) They are in the premises of the college,
2) They are attending the classes. (Theory / Practical or College Functions.)
3) They are receiving the scholarship, Library, Books, Money Orders, Registered letters, Railway or Bus
concessions, caution money or Deposits or TC.etc.

They are attending Educational Tours, games or other activities conducted on behalf of the University.
C) For any election held on behalf of the college / University, voting will not be allowed unless the student
produces Identity Card complete in all respects.
D) The Identity Card must be produced by the student whenever it is demanded. Any student without Identity
Card in the college will be treated as tress passer and shall be dealt with legal action.

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