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General Rules

1 . Certified copies of the documents along with the application form may be issued on payment of Rs. 5/- for each document during studentship in college.
2. Birth Date Certificate and Attempt Certificate will be issued on payment of Rs. 5/- per Certificate. Duplicate of a certificate will be issued on payment of Rs. 10/- each.
3. Duplicate Identity Card will be issued on payment of Rs.50/-
4. Duplicate Library Card will be issued on payment of Rs. 20/-each.,
5. All information in connection with the college exam, or University Exam., Scholarship, freeship, N.C.C./ Sport etc. will be put up on the notice board. Student should be particular to see the notice board daily. Ignorance of the notice will not be an excuse for the default.
6. Practical notebooks for different subjects taught in the college are available in the college Co-Operative
Stores. Every student admitted to the college should purchase it from store.
7. The Students of the college will get documents such as Certificate, transfer Certificate etc. on the third day
from the date of receiving the application for the same. For duplicate certificate of any kind necessary fee will
be charged. In case of duplicate transfer certificate the necessary affidavit will have to be submitted on stamp
of Rs.20/- and signed by the executive Magistrate/Judicial Magistrate/FC. excluding the Hon. Magistrate.
For any type of certificate required by the Ex-Student the following Charges will have to be paid,
i) Within five years after leaving the college Rs. 50/-
ii) More than 5 Years but less than 10 years Rs.100/-
iii) 10 years & more – Rs. 150/-
8. Annual social gathering will not be held in the college. However the cultural activities will be held periodically.
9. All students must keep their vehicles (Cycle/Scooter) in the College premises. Fee : Cycle: Rs. 50/-, Scooter / Motor Cycle: Rs. 100/-

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