Caste verification forms for caste validity certificate for class XI & XII students

Fo any type of caste verification related questions, you may contact at our office telephone number: (0724) 243-54-80 (Landline number). You can also contact us here.

A) Class XI & XII students (those who have not submitted forms in class XI) belonging to SC/ST/VJ/ SBC/
OBC, & wish to take admissions to medical & engineering & other streams on reserved seats must fill the
caste verification forms.
B) After filling the form for obtaining caste validity certificate following certificates should be attached
otherwise caste validity certificate will not be granted from social welfare office.
C) College will notify in general regarding various certificates to be attached & last date for the same. If no
information is received last years procedure will be adopted & last date for the same will be decided by the
1) Caste certificate given to a student by S.D.O. 2) TC. of class IV of the student from the school.
3) TC. of class X of the student from the school. 4) Birth date certificate of the student.
5) TC. of father for class IV from the school. 6) TC. of father for class X from the school.
7) Caste Certificate of father. 8) Copy of 1st page of service book of father.
9) TC. of Brother for Class IV from the school. 10) TC. of Brother for Class X from the school.
II) Caste Certificate of Brother. 12) Birth/death Certificate of Brother.
13) 1C. of Sister for Class IV from the school. 14) TC. of Sister for Class X from the school.
15) Caste Certificate of Sister. 16) Birth/Death Certificate of Sister.
17) TC. of Uncle (Father’s Brother) 18) TC. of Uncle (Father’s Brother)
of Class IV from the School. of Class X from the School.
19) Caste Certificate of Uncle. 20) TC. of Aunt (Father’s Sister) of Class IV from
21) TC. of Aunt (Father’s Sister) 22) Caste Certificate of Aunt.
of Class X from School.
23) Validity Certificate if obtained by brother 24) Non Creamy Layer Certificate.
& sister of the student.
25) Student’s Registration in H$moVdmb ~wH$ 26) Father’s Registration in
27) Any other proof regarding caste.
D) Students should submit the form complete in all respects with signatures wherever required, & certificates
attached in sequence mentioned above, numbered with dates. Students will be notified in general regarding
date (s) of submission of forms. Student should obtain the blank form before the due date & submit it within the prescribed time. No form shall be accepted after the due date. The decision of the principal will be final in all cases.

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