Teams participated in various sports activities

Teams Participated in Inter Collegiate Tournament & Cultural Activity Youth Festival. The following students were participated in following events. Sr. No. Name of Students Class (B.Sc.) Batch Sports & Youth Fest. Marks 1 Ashok Dadarao Mohite           I P 1 Basketball & Athletic 2 Devyani Pradip Vyawhare [...]

Color holders of our college

HEARTIEST CONGRATULATIONS, to RLTion’s Pride, 2013-2014 Ku. Dhanashri Sone, M.Sc. II (Micro) (2008-2014), Best Sports Woman, Six Colour Coats in Judo, Wrestling, Boxing Ku. Kalyani Moharil, B.Sc. III, (2011-2014), Best Sports Woman, Three Colour Coats in Table Tennis Ku. Prachi Tathurkar, M.Sc. II (Micro) (2012-2014), University Representative, Two Colour Coats in Badminton Ku. Deepika Sonar, B.Sc. II (2012-2014), Two Colour Coats in Hockey Ku. Devyani Vyawhare, B.Sc. [...]

Teaching & Non-Teaching Staff (Senior College) Achievements 2013-14

  Sr. Name Achievements 1 Prof. Archana Amaley -Minor Research Project in Zoology  isSanctioned  by UGC Rs. 1,35,000/- -Submitted Ph.D. Thesis 2 Miss. Ashwini Balode Published Research Paper in Indian Journal. 3 Dr. Poonam  Agrawal - Recognized  as Ph.D. Supervisor byGondwana University, Gadchiroli -Minor Research Project in Chemistry is Sanction [...]

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