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कथ्थक नृत्य मंदिराच्या सृष्टी माटेला नृत्यश्री पुरस्कार

UPSCE competitive exams

UPSCE स्पर्धा परीक्षा यशदा पुणे, आमच्या महाविद्यालयात संपन्न झाल्या. त्या प्रसंगी डेप्युटी कलेक्टर श्री. राजेश खवले, प्राचार्य डॉ. नानोटी सर, विभाग प्रमुख डॉ. भालेकर आणि प्रा. भांगरे सर उपस्थित होते.

अकोला जिल्हा कॊपी मुक्त अभियान संपन्न

Physical education dept. receives Rs. 1 lakh cheque

We are very happy to inform that our Junior college sports activities run by physical education department received first prize by DSO Akola. Yesterday, we received cheque of Rs. 1 Lakh at the hands of Hon. Gopikisanji Bajoriya. Congratulations to the staff members of the department and special thanks to [...]

Workshop on decentralization of exams

The workshop on Decentralization of examination of Sem-I was conducted at our college. On the dias Dr. Jaipurkar, Pro VC of SGB Amravati University, Dr. J.D. Wadte, Dr. V.D.Nanoty and members of university. RLT wishes congratulations to the team!

Annual Quality Assurance Report 2016-17

This is the AQAR of our college for the duration of 2016-17. To download the AQAR in .pdf format click following link: Download AQAR 2016-2017

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