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General Rules

1 . Certified copies of the documents along with the application form may be issued on payment of Rs. 5/- for each document during studentship in college. 2. Birth Date Certificate and Attempt Certificate will be issued on payment of Rs. 5/- per Certificate. Duplicate of a certificate will be [...]

A.T.K.T. Concessions and Exemptions

A. T K. T. Concessions at the time of Admission : A T. K.T. concession shall be granted to the failures of B.Sc. I, II examinations on getting exemptions in 1/3rd subjects prescribed for the examination. For the purpose of calculating 1/3rd number of subjects, fraction, if any, shall be [...]

Games & Sports

Facilities for various games & sports are available as per college budget. Youth Festival, Cultural Activities are also available for interested students. No cricket team will be formed. Teams & Players will be selected for inter collegiate tournaments & youth festival as per their performance. Department of physical education gives [...]

Caste verification forms for caste validity certificate for class XI & XII students

Fo any type of caste verification related questions, you may contact at our office telephone number: (0724) 243-54-80 (Landline number). You can also contact us here. A) Class XI & XII students (those who have not submitted forms in class XI) belonging to SC/ST/VJ/ SBC/ OBC, & wish to take [...]

College Examinations

Jr. College: AII students must appear for unit tests, first terminal examination and second terminal examination. Students who fail to appear for above examinations without prior written permission of the principal will be fined Rs. 50/- per paper per examination. In examination of standard XI in case he / she [...]

National Cadet Corps (N.C.C.)

This college has Implemented the National Cadet Corps (N.C.C). This is purely voluntary organization. It is an activity which teaches the young generation self discipline, courage, confidence, human dignity and love for Nation and ultimately makes them a responsible citizen. N.C.C. gives the following benefits for N.C.C. cadets. A) Incentive [...]

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