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NSS Camp

The NSS Camp will be conducted from 2nd January to 9th January 2018. Please see the following details.  

The winners of Avishkar Competition

The four girls from our senior college participated in Avishkar 2017 university level competition and were selected with their outstanding project submitted in the competition. The RLTians wish them heartiest congratulations…!  

Senior Citizens Alumni visited our college

The old students of our college of first batch after the establishment of our college in 1970, visited our college. They are Pravinchandra J. Mehta, Vasant P. Bargir, Jayendra H. Bheda and Dwarkaprasad Gupta. These are the students from first batch of the college in 1970. Dr. Jayendra Bheda lives [...]

Expert lecture on Thalassemia

The long term veteran in medical sciences and the senior Doctor of Akola, Dr. Nanasaheb Chaudhary delivered a great lecture on different aspects of Thalassemia. Thalassemia is an inherited blood disorder in which the body makes an abnormal form of hemoglobin. Hemoglobin is the protein molecule in red blood cells that [...]

Felicitation of Dr. Bhalekar

Congratulations Respected Dr. Bhalekar Sir for recognition as Ph.D. Supervisor SGB Amravati University Wish you all the best…!

रक्तदान शिबिर रक्ततापासनी शिबिर व थेलेसिमिया तपासणी शिबिर

आज रक्तदान शिबिर रक्ततापासनी शिबिर व थेलेसिमिया तपासणी शिबिर घेण्यात आले यात 53 रक्तदाते नि रक्तदान केले तर 180 थेलेसिमिया, 162 रक्तगट तपासणी शिबिरात करण्यात आली.

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