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Rules and Regulations of Admission

1) Right to admit a student to the college is reserved by the Principal. 2) Every student seeking admission to the College shall satisfy himself/herself that he/she is eligible to take admission to the college as per rules. For any mistake, he/she will be responsible. 3) Application for admission is [...]

The history of BGE Society

The Makar Sankaranti day of 14th January 1935 was the turning point in the educational history of Akola. It was the day on which the great Berar General Education Society was founded by some enlightened souls of Akola City. The pioneers among them were - Principal G.D. Joshi Adv. G.V. [...]

What is copyright law? Why it is serious on the World Wide Web…?

On internet, copyright law is the most vital law and it is taken very seriously particularly by Google. When it comes to copying and pasting the material from the net on to your web page or blog or any other media, one must consider this issue very seriously.

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