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Color holders of our college


  • Ku. Dhanashri Sone, M.Sc. II (Micro) (2008-2014), Best Sports Woman, Six Colour Coats in Judo, Wrestling, Boxing
  • Ku. Kalyani Moharil, B.Sc. III, (2011-2014), Best Sports Woman, Three Colour Coats in Table Tennis
  • Ku. Prachi Tathurkar, M.Sc. II (Micro) (2012-2014), University Representative, Two Colour Coats in Badminton
  • Ku. Deepika Sonar, B.Sc. II (2012-2014), Two Colour Coats in Hockey
  • Ku. Devyani Vyawhare, B.Sc. I (2013-2014), Colour Coat in Table Tennis
  • Ku. Rashmi Mandurkar, B.Sc.I   (2013-2014), Colour Coat in Softball

Ku. Rashmi Mandurkar B.Sc. I Colour Holder of Softball Ku. Prachi Tathukar  M.Sc. II ( Micro.) Colour Holder of Badminton Ku. Kalyani Mohril  B.Sc. III Colour Holder of Table Tennis , Ku. Dhanashri Sone M.Sc. II ( Micro.)    Colour Holdesr of Judo in Two Weight Categories Ku. Deepika Sonar      B.Sc. III Colour Holder of Hockey Ku. Devyani Vyawhare B.Sc. I  Colour Holder of Table Tennis

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