About Library

Our college Library was established in 1971. It then shifted in a new building in 2015.

Details of library are as follows:

  1. Total carpet area of library is 268 sq ft
  2. Three floored stack room, Separate Reading Room, Reference Room
  3. Circulation department, Space for OPAC
  4. Newspaper reading, Staff reading Room
  5. Librarians Room
  6. Reprographic section, Network Resource Center (NRC)
  7. Fully Atomized Library, Library open for 12 hours on working

Plan for 2015-20

  • Increase Infrastructural Facilities
  • Start Best Practices to create User Interest toward Library
  • Organize Competitions ,Exhibition & literary programs in collaboration with other departments
  • To Enhance the academic level of library staff
  • To start COP in Library and Office Automation

Library at a glance

  • Total No of Books : – 32443
  • Total No of Dissertations , Theses, Projects :- 25
  • Total No of Journals & Periodicals : – 14
  • Bound Volumes & other  :- 1818
  • Total No of Maps :- 15
  • CDs  :- 131
  • E-Books :-8GB

Library staff



Mr. Mangesh R.Ubale Librarian
Shri. J.W.Wagare Assistant Librarian
Shri. S.S. Rakhonde Library Clerk
Shri. A.B.Tayade Library Attendant
Shri. W.L.Alimchandani Library Attendant
Shri. D.J.Wankhade Library Attendant
Shri. V.S.Shinde Library Attendant

Sections of library

Acquisition, Circulation, Cataloguing, Serial Control, OPAC, Reading Room, Reprography and NRC


  1. Books Purchased as per the requisition from staff & Student
  2. Section is Computerized and all the procedure related to acquisition is done through computer
  3. Bar Code labels , Spine Labels are made
  4. Books are made available to user Immediately

Library & Reading Room Facilities

  • The Library has it’s own Reading Room. The separate reading room is provided to the researcher of various departments of the college  near to Room no. 15.
  • The college library is open from 7 a.m. to 6.30 p.m. on all working days and the students spend their spare time in the college library.
  • Special arrangement have been made in the library hall for quite reading and study.
  • The Library provides Library  Card to each and every  student is required to have an  available for inspection on the college Library.
  • N-LIST facility is provided in the Library
  • Network Resource Center (NRC) facility is provided by library to all the needy Students.
  • Special Books are available in the library for competitive exam.
  • The Library has 32443 books on various subjects and 25 project , Dissertation & Thesis prepared by M.Sc & Research Students and 14 Journals and 33 Periodicals from India and abroad.
  • Special facilities are provided to students appearing for  examinations of UPSC and MPSC.
  • Separate reading-room facility is provide to  Research Student
    Reference service is provided to students of Ph.D. and other research   workers.
  • Library Offers its membership and services to other users on the permission of Principal
  • Past students can take advantage of Library facility as the permission of principal
    All students of the College can use library and reading room.
  • Open access facility is extended to postgraduate students.

Library Committee

The Library advisory committee with the principal as chairman and librarian as secretary look after the overall management and review the progress of the library. A Library Advisory Committee (with 6 members) is constituted to facilitate effective and smooth governance of the library.

Library Advisory Committee assisting in budget allocation, monitoring of planning and development and to address grievances and suggestions.

Library Advisory committee assists the development of the library which has a sizable collection of books and 47 journals/periodicals.

Members of Library Committee

  1. Dr. V.D.Nanoty – Chairman
  2. Mr. M.R.Ubale – Secretary
  3. Asst.Prof. Shri.R.G.Chavan – Incharge Lib committee
  4. Dr. S. M.Padhye – Member
  5. Dr. S.W.Bhaware – Member
  6. Dr. S.M.Nagrale – Member
  7. Shri. J.W.Wagare – Non-Teaching Reprentative
  8. Mr. S.G.Kolhe – Student Representative
  9. Ku. Neha Tiwari – Student Representative

About Librarian

The Librarian

M. R. Ubale

  • Name:- Mr.M.R.Ubale, M.Lib., M.Phil
  • Experience:-  12 years
  • Research Experience:- 2 years research Experience in the Field of Library & Information Science
  • Research Publication:- 06
  • Conference Attended:-   22
  • International 04 National 08  State Level10
  • Research Project:-  NIL
  • Membership of Academic Organization:-   NUTA / LIS Study circle /VLA