Report: Department of Physical Education 2014-15

National Sports Day

National Sports Day was celebrated on 29th August 2014. Students were participated in Badminton, Table Tennis, Skipping Rope, Chess & Suryanamaskar events. Demonstrations of Combative Sports i.e. Judo, Wrestling & Boxing was decently Organised. Aim of this Sports Day & Demonstration was to motivated students in healthy and self Defense activity.

Sports Adventure Tour

This tour was visited Muktagiri, Madhya Pradesh on 1st February 2015. In this tour 86 students of college & staff members participated.

Medical Examination

Medical Examination 2014-2015 was conducted in the month of December 2014. 347 Women & 98 Men have attended this examination. To read complete report, click here to view in .pdf format or download.

To view complete report, click this link: DPE Report 2014-15

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